Engaging stakeholders

In facilitating public procurement, SPICE works with both public procurers and suppliers, as well as the research community.

Public Procurers (Buyers)

At the outset of the project, SPICE approached public procurers that have implemented or are considering the implementation of innovative procurements for sustainable transport solutions.

The SPICE Stakeholder Group is a multi-sector network where stakeholders can meet and discuss their needs, their expectations from public procurements, their experiences and lessons learnt and their suggestions for future processes. In the Stakeholder Group, different public procurers also work together on technical specifications, market consultations, competitive dialogues and award criteria definitions.

Using the Stakeholder Network, SPICE identifies groups of buyers that share the same needs and plans for procurements. Such groups are the basis of the SPICE Common Buyers Groups. SPICE coordinates and supports these groups to work on common procurements for their sustainable transportation projects. Common Buyers Groups could lead to more harmonisation between solutions, to larger volumes to procure and to a more cost-effective procurement (economy-of-scale). SPICE aims to ensure that during the project lifetime several groups are formed that go for a common procurement. However, even if a common procurement is not achieved, these groups are able to improve public procurement by having participants work together and share their ideas and approaches to procurement.

Benefits of being part of the SPICE Stakeholder Group
• Contact details of many other Buyers in the Stakeholder group (who is who and who is working on what kind of procurement)
• Be regularly informed what is happening in SPICE, the results achieved and get the possibility (if wanted) to contribute to the developments in SPICE
• Learn from the experiences from many others in various countries and regions and gather deep knowledge on EC Directives on public procurement
• Get technical and legal supports in implementing innovative procurement
• Team up with other public procurers to use joint effort to support your ongoing 
procurement with the support of SPICE

Find out more about the SPICE Common Buyers Group in the Factsheet here. To join the SPICE Common Buyers Group, please write to p.karjalainen@mail.ertico.com.

Suppliers and Research Community

The SPICE Stakeholder Group is also open to suppliers. SPICE aims to create the Stakeholder Group as a forum, where public procurers and suppliers can interact and work towards the best possible outcome for both parties. The research community also plays a role in the SPICE Stakeholder Group and can help guide towards a viable solution.

The objective of SPICE with the Stakeholder Group is to facilitate dialogues in order to use public spending to implement innovative transport and mobility solutions.

Please contact p.karjalainen@mail.ertico.com to join the SPICE Stakeholder Group.