SPICE will address the ITS World Congress, which will take place in Montreal this year from 29th October to 2nd November, and present a paper that aims to raise awareness of using public procurement as an instrument for the implementation of ITS solutions. The paper is co-authored by SPICE project coordinator Dr Bahar Namaki Araghi from the City of Copenhagen and Ms Yanying Li from ERTICO – ITS Europe, the leader of dissemination activities in SPICE, and  will be presented by Mr Mikkel Balskilde Hansen from the City of Copenhagen. The paper will be presented as part of session TS38 “Public Procurement” in the morning of 31st October, from 8:00 to 9:30, in room 512A.

The paper looks into current innovation procurement practices in the transport sector, particularly regarding the implementation of ITS, and analyses the potential of using public procurement as an instrument for the implementation of ITS in EU, using the existing legal framework and various platforms. The paper proposes future actions to raise awareness among public procurers on innovation procurement and to assist public procurers in exploiting the benefits of public procurement in implementing ITS services and solutions. Appropriate platforms are needed in order to bring public procurers and suppliers together, thus enabling take-up of innovative procurement in the ITS community.

The ITS World Congress is organised by ITS America, in cooperation with ITS Canada, ERTICO – ITS Europe, and ITS Asia – Pacific. This year it will take place under the theme “Integrated Mobility Driving Smart Cities”. The Congress aimed to bring together global leaders in ITS to showcase and evaluate the latest innovative concepts, active prototypes, and live systems. The Congress is attended by thousands of people, who are provided opportunities to network and engage in discussions and debates about how the transport industry is addressing the challenges of the future.

More information about the ITS World Congress is available here.