The 2nd webinar of the SPICE project was held on 23rd Feb 2017. The SPICE consortium invited Mr. Mauri Mäkiaho from Finnish Transport Agency to present at the webinar. Mr Mäkiaho is the Project Manager for the Rantatunneli tunnel in Tampere. At the webinar, he introduced the Alliance Model used to deliver the Rantatunneli tunnel project. The coordinator of the SPICE project, Dr Bahar Namki Araghi, gave an introduction on the benefits of the Alliance Model and potential application of this model in ITS projects.

The presentations of the webinar are available:

1- Bahar Namaki Araghi – Introduction of the Alliance Model and Potentials for Incorporating This Method in ITS Projects

2- Mauri Mäkiaho – Smart routes and intelligent traffic – for you